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A log on this by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/03/2004, 5:51pm PDT
FABIO: I just got back with a friend who searching for someplace to buy it
FABIO: Best buy was sold out, and EB gave us the preorder shit too

IceCreamJonsey: FUCKING EB.

FABIO: even though they probably had 100 copies out back and 10 people scheduled to pre order

IceCreamJonsey: Exactly. I can't believe they're pulling this shit. Seriously, there's been two games I've wanted since I was 17 -- a new Zork game and a new Doom game. Now I'm getting cockblocked on Doom.
IceCreamJonsey: THEY think I'm going to be all like, "Whoa! I should have pre-ordered! I'll definitely do that next time!" When, in reality, I'll simply never go there again.

FABIO: who the fuck preorders? Software shortages are a FUCKING MYTH

IceCreamJonsey: Especially if someone were to break the street date. I don't want to be tied down to EB.

FABIO: and every time there is one, it's most likely artificially induced by some marketing scame
FABIO: EB and 80's nintendo

IceCreamJonsey: But out here everyone is a pussy and didn't break the street date. Now I'm crawling around on the actual street date and EB's truck of shit is running over me, backing up, beeping their horn three times and running over me again.

FABIO: it's okay to run him over, he's not one of our "priority" customers
FABIO: Actually I think they run anyone over, just as long as they don't leave tire marks on the pre-order slips

IceCreamJonsey: The thing also apparently doesn't run with CloneCD installed. I seriously should have warezed this shit over the weekend. I'd probably get security called on me if I went to get a legitimate copy and was a dick about it, meanwhile piracy is completely victimless!

FABIO: we almost stopped a hot chick outside the store to try and get her to buy a copy (which they definately had out back) for us

IceCreamJonsey: heh
IceCreamJonsey: These poor register jockeys are going to get yelled at if sales exceed pre-order sales.

FABIO: but I think begging a hot chick to buy you a videogame voids the warranty on your penis

IceCreamJonsey: What fucking reality are we living in here, m'man? What the hell is this shit? Why the fuck are we desperately trying to think of ways to LEGITIMATELY PURCHASE this fucking mertware? This is like that episode of the Twilight Zone where everything got all fucked up. I'm expecting Mr Serling to jump out of my storage cabinet and totally start chain smoking with a smirk on his face at how things are going badly for me.

FABIO: I remember that Twilight Zone episode
FABIO: where things were fucked up
Longmont to Doom III: FUCK YOU by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/03/2004, 5:14pm PDT
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    yeah I just got back from getting that preorder bullshit from EB too by FABIO 08/03/2004, 5:48pm PDT
    They have about 80 at the Colorado Mills Best Buy by laudablepuss 08/03/2004, 7:10pm PDT
        I saw about 50+ at my local Best Buy by elwonko 08/03/2004, 7:45pm PDT
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            I only wish that Fabio was still here to see it. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/22/2018, 9:44pm PDT
                Poor FABIO. Where we can we donate to his memorial fund? NT by DR TACOS 06/23/2018, 9:23am PDT
                    And the weird thing is, he quit over Nazi representation in video games. NT by Mischief Maker 06/23/2018, 10:50am PDT
                        Do you have a thread link handy? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/23/2018, 11:47am PDT
                            *sigh* by Mischief Maker 06/23/2018, 12:24pm PDT
                                FABIO wasn't wrong about Wolfenstein 2 and shitheads like you who scream "NAZI" NT by are why we live in a stupid era 06/23/2018, 1:50pm PDT
                                    lol NT by Worm 06/24/2018, 10:59am PDT
                                That thread, of all the threads, made him quit? You seriously believe that? by Roop 06/23/2018, 10:49pm PDT
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