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In praise of: DOOM 3 by Jerry Whorebach 04/06/2014, 5:55am PDT
    suck a dick, son NT by the truth 04/16/2014, 10:01am PDT
        is this Jhoh or Jsoh? NT by just kidding, nobody cares 04/16/2014, 11:02am PDT
            I love this reply NT by WITTGENSTEIN 04/16/2014, 2:51pm PDT
        Don't you want to know why fighting imps in the dark is like fighting destroyers by in a submarine? 04/16/2014, 12:47pm PDT
            Just like subs vs destroyers, only HITLER didnt realiz how dumb and pointless NT by Doom 3 was -fabio 04/16/2014, 8:13pm PDT
    Excellent (and perplexing) analysis. by Gutsby 04/16/2014, 12:51pm PDT
        These are pretty much my thoughts exactly. by Jerry Whorebach 04/16/2014, 8:36pm PDT
            PS: I think Doom 3 would've been much better received had it been sold as... by Jerry Whorebach 04/16/2014, 8:50pm PDT
                Urban Chaos: Riot Response was great. NT by Gutsby 04/17/2014, 11:17am PDT
                    NOW you tell me! by Jerry Whorebach 04/17/2014, 12:12pm PDT
                Re: PS: I think Doom 3 would've been much better received had it been sold as... by laudablepuss 04/17/2014, 1:32pm PDT
                    What is so difficult to understand about this? by Jerry Whorebach 04/17/2014, 6:41pm PDT
                        OK, I'll bite. by blackwater 04/17/2014, 9:29pm PDT
                            I wish we could get this blackwater back. NT by Miss this guy 10/27/2020, 8:37pm PDT
                    The only part of Doom 3 that made me jump by fabio 04/17/2014, 9:26pm PDT
                        [youtube id=Y26TQKczaaY] by A message from Caltrops Cares 04/18/2014, 10:48am PDT

Longmont to Doom III: FUCK YOU by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/03/2004, 5:14pm PDT
    they are prepping you up for half life 2 NT by wherever 08/03/2004, 5:19pm PDT
        Yeah, really by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/03/2004, 5:35pm PDT
            A log on this by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/03/2004, 5:51pm PDT
                I liked my edited version below better by FABIO 08/03/2004, 5:56pm PDT
            Fucking modern openings. NT by William H. Hayt, Jr. 08/03/2004, 6:17pm PDT
            PK4 NT by creativepig 08/03/2004, 8:20pm PDT
    yeah I just got back from getting that preorder bullshit from EB too by FABIO 08/03/2004, 5:48pm PDT
    They have about 80 at the Colorado Mills Best Buy by laudablepuss 08/03/2004, 7:10pm PDT
        I saw about 50+ at my local Best Buy by elwonko 08/03/2004, 7:45pm PDT
            Re: I saw about 50+ at my local Best Buy by laudablepuss 08/04/2004, 11:45am PDT
                Re: I saw about 50+ at my local Best Buy by Creexul :( 08/04/2004, 4:33pm PDT
                    Re: I saw about 50+ at my local Best Buy by FABIO 08/05/2004, 12:55pm PDT
    11 years later, nothing changes by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/17/2015, 2:48pm PST
        GameStop reports disappointing sales of Battlefront. by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/25/2015, 6:59am PST
        GameStop looking for a buyer. by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/21/2018, 7:05am PDT
            I only wish that Fabio was still here to see it. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/22/2018, 9:44pm PDT
                Poor FABIO. Where we can we donate to his memorial fund? NT by DR TACOS 06/23/2018, 9:23am PDT
                    And the weird thing is, he quit over Nazi representation in video games. NT by Mischief Maker 06/23/2018, 10:50am PDT
                        Do you have a thread link handy? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/23/2018, 11:47am PDT
                            *sigh* by Mischief Maker 06/23/2018, 12:24pm PDT
                                FABIO wasn't wrong about Wolfenstein 2 and shitheads like you who scream "NAZI" NT by are why we live in a stupid era 06/23/2018, 1:50pm PDT
                                    lol NT by Worm 06/24/2018, 10:59am PDT
                                That thread, of all the threads, made him quit? You seriously believe that? by Roop 06/23/2018, 10:49pm PDT

There's no Heavy Bullets forum. by kate leth 09/29/2014, 7:39am PDT
    I would've made this the thumbnail but I didn't. by kate leth 09/29/2014, 7:45am PDT
    To see the final boss fight, and a quick shot of my desktop. by kate leth 09/29/2014, 9:07am PDT
    Complete run of Heavy Bullets, including end boss strat. by kate leth 10/05/2014, 9:19pm PDT
    Christopher Hitchens talking about sawing off clitorises. by kate leth 10/06/2014, 12:18am PDT
        Stage 4 boss. by kate leth 10/06/2014, 1:09am PDT
    A more regular walkthrough of Heavy Bullets, just game audio. by jawo 10/06/2014, 7:09am PDT

I admit defeat. You've beaten me, id. by Rafiki 06/12/2014, 2:02pm PDT
    I want to see the same movies forever and play the same games forever NT by laudablepuss 06/12/2014, 3:27pm PDT
        The problem is we get the same games and movies, but worse by EuroKramer 06/13/2014, 2:10am PDT
            This is also why I keep reading Warhammer 40K books by EuroKramer 06/13/2014, 2:19am PDT
            Something I loved about Doom was the thematic consistency of the episodes. by Jerry Whorebach 06/13/2014, 3:55am PDT
                Excellent writeup, totally legit by EuroKramer 06/13/2014, 2:27pm PDT
            No, the real problem is with sequels by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 06/13/2014, 6:46am PDT
        I can't complain about that, because I just bought Mario Kart 8 after owning 1-7 by Rafiki 06/13/2014, 9:55am PDT
    I wonder if Jonesy is bitter that endless reheated crap didn't get served by a generation earlier - WITTGENSTEIN 06/13/2014, 10:50am PDT
        Re: I wonder if Jonesy is bitter that endless reheated crap didn't get served by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/13/2014, 11:28am PDT
            This is a really crazy post to find in a thread about Galaga... by Jerry Whorebach 06/14/2014, 6:53am PDT
                I would call those ports, not sequels NT by WITTGENSTEIN 06/14/2014, 11:59am PDT
                    That would make them astonishingly inaccurate ports. by Jerry Whorebach 06/14/2014, 12:51pm PDT
                        I admit the Galaga title is a sequel, the Pac Man CE was a port. NT by WITTGENSTEIN 06/14/2014, 8:26pm PDT
                            Aren't all the levels different? I feel like you're abusing the word 'port' here by Worm 06/14/2014, 9:25pm PDT
                                Also by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/14/2014, 10:41pm PDT
                                    Tons of great arcade games are clones! Come on! by Worm 06/15/2014, 10:42am PDT
                            Oh man, you have got to play Pac-Man CE *right now* by Jerry Whorebach 06/15/2014, 6:50am PDT
                                In an effort to get even more off-topic has anyone played Wonder Project J? NT by Worm 06/15/2014, 10:19am PDT
                                Have we ever talked about Gaming in the Clinton years? by fabio 06/15/2014, 10:35am PDT

Heavy Bullets: Doom 3 if it were done right. NT by jawo 06/13/2014, 11:34am PDT

things which doom3 was not by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/29/2009, 3:58am PDT
    Things the worst poster in Caltrops history is not: an "editor" by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/29/2009, 4:18am PDT
        despite doing all the things an editor does (like say the link and italics butto by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/29/2009, 4:42am PDT
            favorite Weyoun post of all time NT by Could be Anyone 05/29/2009, 11:08pm PDT
                wrom posts on his own name as infrequently as possible NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/30/2009, 4:43am PDT
        Worst poster? Whew, that's a load off my mind. by bink 05/29/2009, 5:37am PDT
            the voices in bink's head are a little louder than usual NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/29/2009, 5:52am PDT
                No, no, no. I've never heard voices. by bink 05/29/2009, 6:01am PDT
                    HL2's vehicle sections are hard to control with a keyboard when it's upside down by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/29/2009, 6:04am PDT
                    ("centering around" :( NT by -ed.) 05/29/2009, 7:12pm PDT
        He's so dumb it took him from 2004 to develop a fucking thought about Doom 3. NT by Worm 05/29/2009, 10:32am PDT
            wrom didn't notice I posted about doom3 several times already (he can't even rea NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/29/2009, 11:18am PDT
                Well, I'm not rereading the entire forum, I'll take your word for it. by Worm 05/29/2009, 11:31am PDT
                    basic cognition is all that's required NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/29/2009, 11:33am PDT
                        Cognition of the thousands of irrelevant posts from 04 you're reading. NT by Worm 05/29/2009, 11:39am PDT
                            hence the hyperlinks which were posted using html (welcome to the internet btw) NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/29/2009, 3:24pm PDT
                                Haha "why won't you click? I made these links special for you". What a homo. NT by Worm 05/29/2009, 9:29pm PDT
                                    DID YOU EAT YOUR CAMPBELL'S CHUNKY SOUP, WORM?! NT by Jhoh Momma 05/29/2009, 9:47pm PDT
                                    *doesn't get it* NT by setsuna wrom 05/29/2009, 10:02pm PDT
                                        Yeah I don't get I can click on those links and read uninteresting ancient shit. NT by Worm 05/30/2009, 11:42am PDT
                                            Did I just admit that I am too stupid to understand the concept of normal posts? NT by Worm 05/30/2009, 12:41pm PDT
                                                WHY WON'T HE READ THESE PERFECTLY GOOD POSTS FROM FOUR YEARS AGO? NT by RETARD BRAIN *EXPLODES* 05/30/2009, 12:43pm PDT
    How many Cable points do I get for hating it from the start? by laudablepuss 05/29/2009, 9:31am PDT
        4.72 NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/29/2009, 11:24am PDT
    That was based on the first 10 minutes =( by FABIO 05/29/2009, 10:30am PDT
        Re: That was based on the first 10 minutes =( by Ice Cream Jonsey 05/29/2009, 10:55am PDT
            All games revolving around AI suck by FABIO 05/29/2009, 11:14am PDT
        I think it's fair for us to all blame Bodybag for this. :3 by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/29/2009, 11:22am PDT
    "Hrrrn this'll show them I'm not a whiny, stupid pissant when I throw their post NT by in their FACE!" - Jsoh, tearfully 05/29/2009, 10:59am PDT
        looks like someone is offended that I had the correct opinion since day 1 by Weyoun Voidbringer 05/29/2009, 11:20am PDT
            You're a dumb worthless faggot. NT by Worm 05/29/2009, 11:32am PDT
                Sounds like Jso was right. ^_^ NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/29/2009, 11:57am PDT
                    Oh trolling means simpering like a faggot while you get your teeth knocked in? NT by Worm 05/29/2009, 12:15pm PDT
                        I dare you to say that to my face IRL I'd kill you I'm a drug dealer at my schoo NT by wromg 05/29/2009, 3:44pm PDT
                            I don't think he meant literally getting your teeth kicked in NT by Fortinbras 05/29/2009, 4:06pm PDT
                                He's just eternally enraged, not kicking any teeth. NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/29/2009, 4:17pm PDT
                                    A somber analysis from a huge faggot who may not even like video games. NT by Worm 05/30/2009, 11:43am PDT
                                        This wasn't me this was someone taking MY NAAAAAAAAAME NT by Worm 05/30/2009, 12:10pm PDT
                                            You guys are cycling pretty fast through defenses now. by Worm 05/30/2009, 12:19pm PDT
                                                I wish people would stop using my name to make shitty posts. NT by Worm 05/30/2009, 12:36pm PDT
                                                    Boring NT by Worm 05/30/2009, 12:41pm PDT
                                                        I have more important things to do. *plans a school shooting* NT by Worm 05/30/2009, 2:06pm PDT
                                                            Hey, it's the same old insults against my one sided beat-down of jsoh. NT by How moldy is my room again? 05/30/2009, 2:11pm PDT
                                                                I beat you all down. *gets strapped into an electric chair* NT by future Worm 05/30/2009, 2:18pm PDT
                                                                Re: Hey, it's the same old insults against my one sided beat-down of jsoh. by wait. 05/30/2009, 3:45pm PDT
                                                                    I know now why you are trolled, it was something I could never do. 8( NT by Creexuls, a monster >:3 05/30/2009, 4:09pm PDT

Doom 4 announced by Rafiki 05/07/2008, 2:45pm PDT
    Sound producer, perhaps? NT by motherfuckerfoodeater 05/07/2008, 4:39pm PDT
    There are no headlights on that car! >:[ You better be able to tape a flashlig NT by laudablepuss 05/07/2008, 6:27pm PDT
        It won't work. In Doom 5 you will be playing as a blind person. NT by VORPoster 05/07/2008, 6:43pm PDT
            I meant "Doom 4." NT by VORPoster 05/07/2008, 6:44pm PDT
                Oh, now I get it! by Mischief Maker 05/07/2008, 7:01pm PDT

Was Doom the first and last FPS to chart your progress across an overworld map? NT by Jerry Whorebach 04/08/2008, 8:07am PDT
    It wasn't the last. by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 04/08/2008, 12:51pm PDT
        TEAM FUCKING FORTRESS TWO NT by Fortinbras 04/08/2008, 12:56pm PDT
            Hm, no, there's no overhead map in that. NT by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 04/08/2008, 1:48pm PDT
                OF said overworld map, not overhead NT by Last 04/08/2008, 2:37pm PDT
                    Well there's neither in TF2 anyway, there's not even a minimap. NT by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 04/08/2008, 2:38pm PDT
                        In Hydro and Dustbowl it tracks your progress across different maps GOOD SIR NT by Fortinbras 04/08/2008, 2:52pm PDT
        Yes, Turok also. NT by Vested Id 04/08/2008, 1:53pm PDT
            That's right Turok. NT by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 04/08/2008, 2:37pm PDT
                Turok is the last game with one. Okay thread over let's all go home. NT by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 04/08/2008, 2:38pm PDT
                    Oops no wait, not Turok. by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 04/08/2008, 2:56pm PDT
                    I don't remember Turok having an overworld map by Fortinbras 04/08/2008, 2:57pm PDT
                        Re: I don't remember Turok having an overworld map by Vested Id 04/08/2008, 3:13pm PDT
                            And it's easy to get lost in all that fog. NT by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 04/08/2008, 3:32pm PDT
                        Re: I don't remember Turok having an overworld map by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 04/08/2008, 3:32pm PDT
                            Apparently there's some (SOME) confusion about what I meant by "overworld map" by Jerry Whorebach 04/08/2008, 6:24pm PDT
                                Quack 2 had a map, pretty much just like Doom. NT by laudablepuss 04/08/2008, 6:27pm PDT
                                    True confession: I never played the single-player campaign in Quack II by Jerry Whorebach 04/09/2008, 1:14am PDT
                                        Caek 2 single player was fuckin garbitch. NT by Jhoh Creebul, Witch Toucher O_O 04/09/2008, 2:00am PDT
                                You are basically crying out to have someone tell you to play Serious Sam NT by Bananadine 04/08/2008, 7:05pm PDT
                                    Last month I finally bought Deus Ex for PS2, could Serious Sam for Xbox be next? NT by Jerry Whorebach 04/09/2008, 1:37am PDT
                                Or, I don't know, any Metroid Prime game. Maybe one of those. by evidence on the ground. 04/08/2008, 7:14pm PDT
                                    I would be all over those if I had a Wii. by Jerry Whorebach 04/09/2008, 1:41am PDT
                                Team Fortress 2 qualifies in that case NT by Fortinbras 04/09/2008, 11:34am PDT
    Look, he said EFF PEE ESS, FPS, First Person Shoota NT by you dumb cunts 04/08/2008, 7:57pm PDT
        Oh Metroid PRIME I thought I read Super Metroid. NT by Luckily I ATOR'd that one 04/08/2008, 7:59pm PDT
            Not so fast! It's still a serviceable burn on Fortinbras (Psychonauts?!) NT by Jerry Whorebach 04/09/2008, 1:44am PDT
                Backpedal faster, fucker NT by Fortinbras 04/09/2008, 11:24am PDT
    does BF2142 count? if the overworld is just one map NT by Grumah 04/09/2008, 6:17am PDT

Carmack gives interview about octree occlusion voxel rays by Fussbett 03/16/2008, 2:15am PDT
    SPARSE octrees NT by Entropy Stew 03/16/2008, 1:06pm PDT
    This is all way too technical. I don't know enough about what he's talking abou by Rafiki 03/17/2008, 10:09am PDT

Even the hell level sucks by FABIO 10/13/2007, 9:32pm PDT
    Re: Even the hell level sucks by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/13/2007, 10:37pm PDT
        Doom 3 is a boring snuff film to Bioshock's erotic thriller NT by FABIO 10/13/2007, 10:47pm PDT
    I pirated Undying and beat the first map, but stopped after that by diet Coke/Grumah forever 10/14/2007, 12:40pm PDT
        it was a cool game at the time it was released by FABIO 10/14/2007, 7:43pm PDT

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