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Salgexicon might be my favorite by SalgexiCOOOOON 07/01/2020, 9:13pm PDT

Perfect Games by Rafiki 12/28/2017, 3:00pm PST
    Re: Perfect Games by Vested Id 12/28/2017, 4:37pm PST
        Re: Perfect Games by Rafiki 12/28/2017, 10:00pm PST
    Nitpicking begins by Fullofkittens 12/29/2017, 6:48am PST
        Punch-Out needed a guide? by Rafiki 12/29/2017, 7:43am PST
            Mike Tysons pattern was pretty brutal and a 1 hit KO NT by Rey Mysterio Jr. 12/29/2017, 9:03am PST
            King Hippo and Bald Bull charge? by fabio 12/29/2017, 9:55am PST
                That was what I was thinking of... by Fullofkittens 12/29/2017, 12:05pm PST
                    I had a copy of Punch-Out as a kid, but no manual. I got as far as Bald Bull. by Dream Cast 12/31/2017, 7:06pm PST
        Also, when I mentioned nitpicking I meant the definition, not the games I listed NT by Rafiki 12/29/2017, 7:22pm PST
    No way in hell is SF2 perfect by Entropy Stew 12/29/2017, 9:20am PST
    Rocket League by Entropy Stew 12/29/2017, 9:30am PST
    Robotron: 2084 by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/29/2017, 11:50am PST
        Base Wars is the best baseball game NT by Mysterio 06/26/2020, 8:29am PDT
    So the Die Hard or Robocop of video games... by fabio 12/29/2017, 3:52pm PST
        Mario Kart by fabio 12/29/2017, 6:19pm PST
        Super Mario Galaxy by fabio 12/29/2017, 9:17pm PST
        Crossroads (C64) by fabio 01/03/2018, 11:56am PST
            I have this on my MiSTer C64 core and will try it tonight. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 06/25/2020, 6:54pm PDT
    Freespace 2 by Mischief Maker 12/29/2017, 6:21pm PST
    Re: Perfect Games by mark 01/03/2018, 6:42am PST
        Re: Perfect Games by Rafiki 01/03/2018, 5:10pm PST
    Resident Evil 4 and Ninja Gaiden Black. NT by Gutsby 01/30/2018, 10:17am PST
    Any others? Or is that it? NT by I Hate Epic 06/25/2020, 7:19am PDT
    Age of Decadence - standout RPG with good combat that cant have elements removed by saltlord 06/25/2020, 11:56am PDT
    Empire Deluxe by pinback 06/25/2020, 1:26pm PDT
        Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri had good diplomacy. Can't recall too many flaws eithe NT by saltlord 06/28/2020, 6:55pm PDT
    Steamworld: Heist by Mischief Maker 06/25/2020, 10:39pm PDT
        pretty fucking good game NT by saltlord 06/28/2020, 6:52pm PDT
            Oh fuck, after all these years I discovered the game's kickass promo vids! by MM 06/28/2020, 7:07pm PDT
                shows what you can do with a tiny budget and willingness to embarass yourself by saltlord 06/28/2020, 7:15pm PDT
                    ??? That's a real band, and their invovement in the game was definitely a draw. by MM 06/29/2020, 9:45am PDT
                        wow. I guess I was just underwhelmed by the cartoony look of a game promotion NT by vid after years of CGI crap 06/29/2020, 1:20pm PDT
                        Salgexicon might be my favorite by SalgexiCOOOOON 07/01/2020, 9:13pm PDT
    The original Master of Orion NT by blackwater 06/28/2020, 6:25pm PDT
        btw, if ever there was a game demanding to be remade on the pico-8 its this NT by saltlord 06/28/2020, 6:51pm PDT
        MOO2 was even better NT by also I have an N-word pass 06/29/2020, 12:58pm PDT
            If you picked Creativity. Otherwise it mostly sucked. NT by Roop 07/02/2020, 11:16pm PDT
                Yoi dont need creativity NT by just the cloning structure 07/03/2020, 8:13pm PDT
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