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psychotic homeless people by N/A 03/01/2021, 8:28am PST
This guy is responding to a person that went out of their way to state that they engaged the homeless eagerly on a trip to SF, until one lunatic had a violent interaction with their friend.

This is the first post:

Anecdote: I was in San Francisco a few years back. There were homeless folks everywhere. Some were nice, even chatty. We felt at ease even when walking through areas that were full of homeless folks. But a couple of days into our trip, a homeless dude accosted a coworker on the sidewalk. He shouted violent threats, shoved my coworker, and told him not to come back. When I asked my coworker what set the guy off, he said that he had absolutely no idea.

That experience changed how I interacted with homeless folks for the remainder of the trip. I made no eye contact. I avoided areas with groups of homeless folks. I did not respond when spoken to. Is that fair to the average homeless person, who is perfectly normal, just down on their luck? To be perfectly honest, I do not care. My physical safety comes before your feelings. Full stop.


This is the reply:

"Rationally"? You mentioned you had all sorts of nice experiences with homeless people and then one bad actor caused you to choose out of all of the attributes of this person, their lack of a home, to be the one for you to blanket-label all people like this as dangerous enough to place them outside of your treat-like-a-human-being sphere.

Nah, there is not a rational way to blanket label groups like this from a sample size of 1. That's your trauma talking.


I can't imagine being this fucking shitty.

For the record, yes, it is absolutely "rational" (what a piece of shit) to ignore the homeless in the US at all times for all circumstances.
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