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My life the last couple weeks by laudablepuss 03/02/2021, 11:16pm PST
I woke up a couple weeks ago with a limp. My foot hurt on the top middle and I couldn't bend my toes without pain. Barely any swelling, but a little bit. I figured it would go away as quickly as it arrived, but it didn't. Finally I went to the Dr and they referred me to an imaging place.

On my way to get it xrayed, some girl merged into my car. I had time for the briefest honk and BAM she hit me. We pulled over and exchanged information, except I'm an idiot and even though it was in my mind and I actually asked, I didn't get her number. I took a picture of her drivers license and insurance, but not her license plate or the damage. I'm not very effective when I have a lot of adrenaline going, apparently. Lordy.

Anyway, I got the xray and yep, my foot was broken. Fracture of the third metatarsal. How? I guess some kind of stress fracture, but I dunno. They want me to get a boot, but I haven't done that yet. On my way to get the boot referal, my driver's side front tire blew out. I was like, "why is it suddenly so noisy? I know this stretch shouldn't be this bumpy . . ." I pulled into an abandoned parking lot and got out to look. Yep, blowd up. I was contemplating putting the spare on when I realized I was less than two blocks from Discount Tire. So I slowly drove the remaining distance to their parking lot and got the front two tires replaced. (In 2019, I knew the tires were bad but I had very little money, so I got the two worst ones replaced. Then I neglected the other two. Good job, me.)
My life the last couple weeks by laudablepuss 03/02/2021, 11:16pm PST
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