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Yeah. Make it a little more subtle, "Jeff" by Grebble 07/27/2021, 12:54pm PDT
California Trannies Ban High-End Gaming PCs by Teach for Amerikkka 07/26/2021, 8:12pm PDT
    Good. Fuck the cryptominers. NT by Monopoly Money Apocalypse 07/27/2021, 5:35am PDT
        We need to keep ASSAULT PCs out of the white hands of GAMERS NT by Chesa Boudin 07/27/2021, 7:18am PDT
    Which site did Josh get banned from this time? NT by tumblr again? 07/27/2021, 9:49am PDT
        Time to update the Bananas And Nuts chart NT by Yellow Purp 07/27/2021, 10:07am PDT
    You won't own a high-end gaming PC NT by And you will be Happy 07/27/2021, 9:58am PDT
        Yeah, maybe I'll vote these evil dems out and turn to the party of by Jeff Tiedrich 07/27/2021, 12:21pm PDT
            Hey Jhoh NT by Found Jhoh 07/27/2021, 12:31pm PDT
                Yeah. Make it a little more subtle, "Jeff" NT by Grebble 07/27/2021, 12:54pm PDT
            Please stay on topic - protecting black and brown folx from gamers with overpowe NT by red PCs 07/27/2021, 3:19pm PDT
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