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Let's be friends then. by All other Caltrops Posters 06/21/2022, 5:47pm PDT
So Elon Musk bought twitter... by Mischief Maker 04/26/2022, 9:02am PDT
    Re: So Elon Musk bought twitter... by Mysterio 04/26/2022, 1:13pm PDT
        It... doesn't say that at all! by Mischief Maker 04/26/2022, 3:07pm PDT
            Re: It... doesn't say that at all! by with more receipts 04/26/2022, 4:05pm PDT
            Good news then by blackwater 04/27/2022, 9:52pm PDT
                USAID is not, and has never been, concerned with eliminating world hunger. by Dr. Vernon Unsworth, S.C.U.B.A. 04/30/2022, 8:09pm PDT
                    You missed the memo, criticizing US foreign policy is a right wing thing now. by blackwater 05/01/2022, 11:22pm PDT
                Re: Good news then by uh oh spagetti o's 04/30/2022, 9:14pm PDT
    Elon Musk is very stupid by laudablepuss 04/27/2022, 1:23pm PDT
    Look how stupid this guy is by hO 04/27/2022, 2:18pm PDT
        2 things by Fullofkittens 04/28/2022, 8:28am PDT
    ...and now I can't scroll through more than 5 tweets without an account. NT by Myspace 2.0 05/06/2022, 6:03am PDT
    I hope Caltrops outlasts both Facebook and Twitter. by blackwater 05/11/2022, 2:57pm PDT
        Re: I hope Caltrops outlasts both Facebook and Twitter. by laudablepuss 06/06/2022, 1:14pm PDT NEW
    Twitter deal temporarily on hold by blackwater 05/13/2022, 5:35pm PDT
        Musk being stupid and awkward, who would have guessed. NT by Geryk 05/14/2022, 11:24am PDT
    Biden does photo with a union organizer. Musk: THE LEFT HAS LEFT ME I'M GOP NOW! NT by Mischief Maker 05/19/2022, 5:32pm PDT
    Jack off the board! by Elon Musk 05/26/2022, 12:10pm PDT
        Re: Jack off the board! by Mysterio 05/30/2022, 7:09am PDT NEW
            Not fair to say Jack Dorsey "has zero talent" / "fell backwards into wealth" by blackwater 06/04/2022, 11:06pm PDT NEW
                Re: Not fair to say Jack Dorsey "has zero talent" / "fell backwards into wealth" by Mysterio 06/05/2022, 8:35am PDT NEW
    Lots of luck on his trip to the moon by lololololol 06/03/2022, 2:34pm PDT NEW
        I said that! NT by Pointing Joe Biden sticker 06/03/2022, 4:21pm PDT NEW
    The dumb fuck is backing out haha NT by lololololol 06/06/2022, 10:47am PDT NEW
        It's almost like the whole thing was a ploy to boost Tesla stock that backfired! by Mischief Maker 06/06/2022, 1:01pm PDT NEW
            But . . . civilization . . . ? NT by laudablepuss 06/06/2022, 1:10pm PDT NEW
    Private rocket company SpaceX fired at least five employees after it found they by fucking moron 06/17/2022, 9:25am PDT NEW
        This story is something else by laudablepuss 06/17/2022, 12:39pm PDT NEW
            Also by laudablepuss 06/17/2022, 12:47pm PDT NEW
        Just another asshole CEO Democrat, but he did switch to Republican this week! NT by Just may turn his life around 06/17/2022, 1:16pm PDT NEW
            Yeah, Republicans celebrate rapists! NT by Kavanaugh likes Beer 06/17/2022, 6:38pm PDT NEW
                Democrats take showers by with their daughters 06/17/2022, 7:47pm PDT NEW
    Teslas look pretty well-built though. by lol no they don't 06/19/2022, 11:53am PDT NEW
        gruman NT by gruman 06/19/2022, 5:04pm PDT NEW
        Wow, he must be terrible NT by Jesus christ 06/19/2022, 6:34pm PDT NEW
    Ho-leee shit! by Mischief Maker 06/20/2022, 1:45pm PDT NEW
        "Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles" by Does that really count 06/20/2022, 2:31pm PDT NEW
            Ha ha yeah, California Bad, California Bad /drinks bleach by fucking moron 06/20/2022, 2:44pm PDT NEW
                Los Angeles by now I've seen everything 06/20/2022, 2:57pm PDT NEW
                    hahaah you're one of THOSE by fucking moron 06/20/2022, 8:59pm PDT NEW
                        I can never tell if this might be a bruddah by Loving Midwit 06/20/2022, 9:49pm PDT NEW
                            Let's be friends then. NT by All other Caltrops Posters 06/21/2022, 5:47pm PDT NEW
                                Can't right now, addicted to rage, maybe later by fucking moron 06/22/2022, 5:39pm PDT NEW
        That said, the name being changed to is by uh oh spagetti o's 06/20/2022, 2:47pm PDT NEW
            Xavier is his old name NT by Changing it to Shelon 06/20/2022, 3:03pm PDT NEW
        Re: Ho-leee shit! by Richard Fitzwell 06/20/2022, 2:50pm PDT NEW
        Re: Ho-leee shit! by Richard Shitswell 06/20/2022, 5:53pm PDT NEW
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