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Y-E-S by the last Speak & Spell 05/26/2023, 10:48am PDT
The Last Spell - This game fucking RAWKS! by Mischief Maker 03/10/2023, 5:11pm PST NEW
    Great premise but it seems monotonous so far by mroW 03/11/2023, 1:39pm PST NEW
        ??? Use AoE attacks. Consumables recharge each round. Unlocks apply instantly. NT by MM 03/11/2023, 4:38pm PST NEW
            yeah by mroW 03/11/2023, 10:00pm PST NEW
                Refund it to be safe I guess. I've only cleared the first town so far. Hard mode by 1 just unlocked for me -MM 03/12/2023, 6:18am PDT NEW
                    Dual wield seems shit by mroW 03/13/2023, 10:07am PDT NEW
                        Wand attacks can't be dodged. NT by MM 03/13/2023, 11:31am PDT NEW
                    No refunds! It hurts developers! by Danny The No-Refund Gamer 03/13/2023, 12:23pm PDT NEW
                        I'm not the one refunding it! He seems to hate the game. NT by MM 03/13/2023, 1:06pm PDT NEW
                            Could eventually get fun, takes too long to ramp up to depth by stop skimming 03/13/2023, 2:27pm PDT NEW
    This scratches a very specific gaming itch for me. by Mischief Maker 03/12/2023, 8:55am PDT NEW
    Okay never mind, NOW I hate it by mroW 03/21/2023, 7:54am PDT NEW
    Enjoying this! by E. L. Koba (eBike guy) 05/23/2023, 7:00pm PDT NEW
    I usually refuse to play roguelikes with meta-progression, on principle by blackwater 05/24/2023, 12:55pm PDT NEW
        Y-E-S NT by the last Speak & Spell 05/26/2023, 10:48am PDT NEW
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