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Resetera thread of the day by Jerry Whorebach 09/20/2023, 9:49am PDT
Chairmanchuck wrote:

"Review bombing" for overloaded servers - Morally right?

So Party Animals just came out, one of the most wishlisted games on Steam and also right now the Nr. 1 topseller on Steam, launches and several regions have huge server issues where they have to wait 2-3 hours in a queue to get into the game.

In turn people air their grievances give the game a bad review, in turn making the game on Steam "Overwhelmingly negative".

Do you think in this case gamers who bought a game that they cant play for 1 day (depending how long the server are being overrun) should air their grievances?
Do you think the developer/publisher could partly be at fault knowing that they have one of the most wishlisted games on Steam since forever and did not plan enough?

What are your toughts on this?

In fairness, most of the posters who actually read the OP agree this isn't "review bombing." Review bombing would be something like a targeted campaign of negativity against a game because it deadnames a trans character or whatever, even though the framerate is fine and it supports DLSS. But a few of the posters are pretty special.

So would people here flood yelp and google with lowest possible rating reviews if they had tickets to an amusement park or some event and were told the place is overcrowded and you need to come back later or tomorrow?

Rational people would say okay, that's a shame and try later. Not bitch and moan online because it's the cool thing to do. Maybe I'm just out of touch and do not need instant gratification all the time?

It’s as unfair as leaving a negative review on a product because it was damaged during shipping.
It's certainly as useless. There's nothing worse than reviews talking about shipping. Sucks for you, but you're wasting my time not talking about the actual product. And makes getting useful info difficult because it's getting buried. I'd say the same with temporary server issues. It's useless info. Everyone knows there's a problem. The devs are working 24/7 to address it. It just buries useful reviews that tell you something (good or bad) about the actual game.

EDIT: Walmart reviews are the absolute worst with this. Any food item is going to have all the reviews talking about how curbside pickup substituted a different item. Leave that in the curbside pickup review. I'm just trying to find one review that talks about if something tastes good or not. FFS.

Going to for food reviews hahahahaha "can't chew it without muh teeth 0/10" ahahahaha
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