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It's alpha version FTL with gorgeous art by Tux sux 04/11/2024, 1:02am PDT
It's one of those "customize your build" games where most of the options are crap.

The landing party sequences are drawn out and tedious.

Resetting your progress every sector. The pacing is like if an FTL run was over 6 hours long, but all your progress was reset every 2 sectors.

So it's not satisfying as a roguelike. So it's an atmospheric story RPG FTLike?

Besides the art, the only hook was figuring out the mystery of the story. The story ends up hollow. Every sector starts with "There is a bad man warlord ruling this sector. Surely they must have been behind the apocalypse!". Beat them, get told "Sorry, your culprit is in another castle". So not only does your progress get reset every sector, the plot does too!

The ending is absolutely not worth it.

The big mystery behind what caused the galaxy wide apocalyptic collapse? All the characters and plot threads? Turns out it was an unnamed character, who you never met, never will meet, who did something off camera that you only find out at the very end text dump. They might as well have made it "a rat crawled into the main computer and chewed an important cable".

Seems like there's been a rash of gorgeous games with blah gameplay in the past few years. Can we get a matchmaking service going so these artists can work on good games?
Midnight Suns? NT by Wonder Wifu 12/13/2022, 3:26pm PST NEW
    SKIP by E. L. Koba 12/14/2022, 2:21pm PST NEW
        The dialog seems very Bioware by Wonder Waifu 12/15/2022, 2:55pm PST NEW
        Give it to us, Koba! NT by We want BLOOD 10/13/2023, 12:14am PDT NEW
            I had a very rough draft wrote, but then saw the Yatzee review which was better by E. L. Koba 12/21/2023, 10:57am PST NEW
                Awesome! by We want BLOOD! 12/22/2023, 10:51am PST NEW
                    Re: Awesome! by E. L. Koba 12/27/2023, 4:18pm PST NEW
    It was okay for the price. NT by Oh I thought this was CRYING Suns 10/13/2023, 6:41am PDT NEW
        UHHHHH SOOOOOOOOOOOO THAT HAPPENED NT by Mysterio 03/07/2024, 10:00am PST NEW
            fuck u NT by Thonk 03/07/2024, 11:47am PST NEW
            Crying Suns is great, what's your problem? by hope they fix it 04/10/2024, 12:49pm PDT NEW
                It's alpha version FTL with gorgeous art by Tux sux 04/11/2024, 1:02am PDT NEW
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