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Just started this by ghosted 05/24/2024, 9:44pm PDT
What first struck me is experiencing the difference between art direction and art assets. Here are visuals with extremely limited assets, but damn if I wasn't absorbed, drawn in, and just standing in awe of environments. Contrast this with AAA games with all the details and art assets in the world that you couldn't give a fuck about: Callisto Protocol, the Uncharted series.

Atmosphere (but not plot) spoilers for the first 10 minutes
The blinding white star at the beginning, only to discover it's a planet entirely covered by an endless expanse of highly reflective white cubes. Land, descend, discover it's actually an endless expanse of impossibly tall skyscrapers with an accumulated cube of snow on top. Descend more and the pristine expanse give way to dilapidated WH40k hive city hellscape where you can no longer see the sky. Enter the palace. Almost immediately you can tell that they're pasting the same 3 props over and over, but you don't care because it's done so well. The moment you go down a long corridor with your bobbing light reflected in a mirror at the end is fantastic and great foreshadowing.

What are some games that Caltrops has come across with all the art assets in the world, but terrible direction or atmosphere that you just could not be fucked to care about?
Playing Echo now by blackwater 04/11/2024, 11:49pm PDT NEW
    Oh yeah, probably the only "Art Game" I actually love... by Mischief Maker 04/12/2024, 5:40am PDT NEW
        Just beat the game. by blackwater 04/12/2024, 9:45pm PDT NEW
    Whoa missed this. Thanks blackwater NT by Geryk 04/12/2024, 7:04am PDT NEW
    Just started this by ghosted 05/24/2024, 9:44pm PDT NEW
        I think Quixel Megascans is probably contributing the most to this effect. by The God Emperor. 05/25/2024, 4:29am PDT NEW
        The story so far by ghosted 05/25/2024, 10:45pm PDT NEW
            and the voice acting by ghosted 05/25/2024, 10:47pm PDT NEW
            Yes, London is the ship's AI. NT by MM 05/26/2024, 6:53am PDT NEW
        Yeah, they did a lot with a small amount of art assets NT by blackwater 06/03/2024, 9:42am PDT NEW
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