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Oasis second opinion by Flavio 10/05/2006, 9:36pm PDT
Amusing distracting, though you will beat the main game fairly quickly.

The replay value is supposed to come from playing it on higher difficulties. Also each level is randomly generated.

Problem: All randomly generated maps are not created equal. You can only get so "skilled" before lucky completely takes over. On higher difficulty levels, it becomes less about strategy and more about simply lucking out and getting a good map. "Here now you only get one mine instead of three, and the cities are now spaced very far apart and are cut off by water and mountains. Here you are on a stretch with no mines, here's an alchemist for you." This especially becomes a problem on the campaigns where a river always divides the map in two. Some maps are flat out unwinnable.

Exit to menu, reload last map, repeat until you get something favorable.
Shareware roundup by Mischief Shai-hulud 04/15/2006, 9:30pm PDT NEW
    Oasis second opinion by Flavio 10/05/2006, 9:36pm PDT NEW
        Yeah, I've long since moved it to my "puzzle" subfolder NT by Mischief Minesweeper 10/06/2006, 11:18am PDT NEW
        Also by Mischief Maker 10/07/2006, 5:45pm PDT NEW
    Re: Shareware roundup by Bananadine 09/09/2007, 6:31pm PDT NEW
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