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Better just turn off AI surrenders by laudablepuss 01/31/2023, 7:57am PST
The AI has ragequit bound to a hotkey still. I'll say that it's been pretty funny at least. I'm an easy-going civ and I had about 19 planets just through colonization, but my neighbors had over 30. Turns out they were getting em from surrenders. Then someone surrendered and left me all their planets -- a weird mechanic in GC3 where a defeated civ can bequeath their planets to a non-combatant 3rd party. Bizarre. Anyway suddenly I had 40 planets! And a major war because the guys tearing it apart still had fleets on station.

So I got that stabilized and pushed back, and then the guy I was fighting plus another ally in a war I had nothing to do with both surrendered (to me) at once. Now I had 95 planets O_O That's too many planets. Time to spin off a commonwealth. Typically that's a waste of time -- even though I give them 10 or more planets and a bunch of ships and some resources, they're instantly the weakest civ on the map so everyone declares war on them. They freak out and surrender all their shit back to me after a few dozen turns.

THIS TIME though, someone surrendered to THEM. I thought I'd check in on the kids and was surprised to see they had 37 planets. WHAT. Now they're up to 77. Haha holy shit. Between the two of us we own something like 1/4 to 1/3 of the galaxy on the largest map size.

Anyway, it's weird and I don't think I like it.

The other odd thing was the AI seemed to only be making terrible 1 attack fighters and 4-6 attack medium-sized ships. In other words, extremely pathetic designs. I've started a new game to see if that was a fluke or if the AI will start making real ships.
New 4.5 patch for III by laudablepuss 12/24/2022, 9:34am PST
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