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Beautiful Mystic Survivors by <----- vampire 03/27/2023, 6:52am PDT
The PG-13 version of a porn game, this one has really good weapon effects.

Large roser of girls to play. You auto-attack but have full mouseaim. Treasure chests are there for evolving perks, but don't have the long animation. Instead of the round ending at the 30 minute mark it only ends when you defeat the final boss.

Did I mention how good the attack effects look?
The following games are all better than Vampire Survivors by <----- vampire 03/27/2023, 12:57am PDT NEW
    20 Minutes Till Dawn by <----- vampire 03/27/2023, 1:21am PDT NEW
    Spirit Hunters: Infinite Horde by <----- vampire 03/27/2023, 1:28am PDT NEW
    Glory and Miserable Survivors by <----- vampire 03/27/2023, 1:37am PDT NEW
    <------ what kind of person enjoys Vampire Survivors? by <----- vampire 03/27/2023, 1:42am PDT NEW
    Beautiful Mystic Survivors by <----- vampire 03/27/2023, 6:52am PDT NEW
    This is the list I didn't know I needed. Thank you NT by E. L. Koba 03/27/2023, 3:44pm PDT NEW
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