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Nice work on the new roll out Take Two by Teun 11/14/2021, 8:55pm PST NEW

My GF banks at Wells Fargo by laudablepuss 09/22/2016, 12:18pm PDT
    I thought you were gay NT by Gay Inquisitor 09/22/2016, 12:51pm PDT
        I . . . not really? by laudablepuss 09/22/2016, 1:35pm PDT
            No I'm relieved, and saddened. I thought you mentioned it somewhere. My bad. NT by Gay Inquisitor 09/22/2016, 2:34pm PDT
                You may be right, kinda remember that. I think you should keep asking everyone NT by Roop 09/23/2016, 12:51am PDT
                Duffman says a lot of things! by laudablepuss 09/23/2016, 7:26am PDT
            Known repressed homosexual gulag CALTROPS by where mysterio seeks to out inmates 09/22/2016, 10:01pm PDT

Grand Theft Auto 5 aka WHEN THE FUCK DO I GET PAID?! by Rey Mysterio Jr. 07/08/2016, 5:55pm PDT
    You finally get money after the last score and "finish" NT by Roop 07/08/2016, 8:48pm PDT
        What's the point then? by Rey Mysterio Jr. 07/09/2016, 2:29pm PDT
            I don't know. I was just deeply satisfied by riding around. by Gutsby 07/09/2016, 7:12pm PDT
                Also at no point did I feel constrained by lack of cash by Oom Shnibble 07/09/2016, 7:30pm PDT
                I don't think its single player aspect was as good as GTA4 or Saints Row 3/4 by Rey Mysterio Jr. 07/16/2016, 10:11am PDT
            Re: What's the point then? by Roop 07/09/2016, 11:32pm PDT

Grand Theft Auto 5 on multiplayer by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/10/2016, 10:18am PDT

GTA Online is relentlessly pissing me off by Rafiki 11/22/2015, 9:25pm PST
    We've come full circle to Interstate '76 multiplayer flying tank hacks NT by fabio 11/23/2015, 1:17am PST

62GB! Take that, everyone's data caps by Rafiki 04/26/2015, 9:12pm PDT
    God the single player keeps getting more boring by Rafiki 07/25/2015, 8:22pm PDT
        Re: God the single player keeps getting more boring by Eurotrash 07/26/2015, 12:12am PDT
            He doesn't have the imagination necessary to play a GTA game? by Entropy Stew 07/26/2015, 10:49am PDT
            Re: God the single player keeps getting more boring by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/26/2015, 11:24am PDT
                Did somebody say ... by ... erm ... quick something? 07/26/2015, 2:40pm PDT
            Re: God the single player keeps getting more boring by Rafiki 07/26/2015, 3:22pm PDT
                Well, some of us are the submissive type who enjoys chores. EVER CONSIDER THAT?? by Eurotrash 07/27/2015, 3:01am PDT
    "actual rules of tennis. Someone has to win by 2 sets for it to end." NT by nerds + sports = lol 07/28/2015, 8:01am PDT

How long was Christmas GTA5 up for? by Souffle of Pain 01/11/2015, 6:16am PST
    For that cop? Not very long. NT by Leaped Frog 01/11/2015, 10:07am PST
    What happens when people try to attack Caltrops. NT by John Gulp 01/11/2015, 10:09am PST
        SUV parked on the face and a final hurled snowball to the nuts? Pretty much NT by Eurotrash 01/11/2015, 11:11am PST

GTA5 banned in Target, in Australia by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/05/2014, 7:13am PST
    She's not going to take away your games. (GTA 5 BANNED IN AUSTRALIA) NT by Jim Sterling 12/05/2014, 7:52am PST
        Sweeping censorship is definitely possible by Chinese Skeleton 12/05/2014, 8:02am PST
    Liberals still claim "we're not in favor of censorship" as they censor things. by kate leth 12/05/2014, 7:57am PST
    EDITS by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/05/2014, 8:19am PST
        I'll have people know I play gta5 with my 3yo daughter, she loves it and she's by Eurotrash 12/05/2014, 9:54am PST
    BUT MAH VIDEO GAMES BOO HOO HOO HOO by #ItsAboutEthicsinGamingJournalism 12/05/2014, 1:01pm PST
        Do you actually play/enjoy video games? NT by Mysterio 12/05/2014, 1:24pm PST
            Excuse those of us who think gaming can be more about by #ItsAboutEthicsinGamingJournalism 12/05/2014, 2:01pm PST
                Do you even like games though? What were the last few that you played? NT by Mysterio 12/05/2014, 2:16pm PST
                People would take this line more seriously if by 10% of my posts are inlined goatse 12/05/2014, 2:16pm PST
                Can you imagine if someone capped off their anti-Michael Bay screed with this? by Worm 12/05/2014, 2:17pm PST
                    uhg I even carried over your mistake *ABOUT MORE THAN NT by Worm 12/05/2014, 2:18pm PST
        Re: BUT MAH VIDEO GAMES BOO HOO HOO HOO by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/05/2014, 1:52pm PST
            Re: BUT MAH VIDEO GAMES BOO HOO HOO HOO by #ItsAboutEthicsinGamingJournalism 12/05/2014, 2:03pm PST
                Re: BUT MAH VIDEO GAMES BOO HOO HOO HOO by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/05/2014, 2:13pm PST
                Why haven't you said something is "gross" yet? NT by Say something is gross. 12/05/2014, 2:41pm PST
        I'm sure Target Australia was missing out on that 'former sex worker' money. by Worm 12/05/2014, 1:58pm PST
        American Psycho is also banned from publication in Australia by WITTGENSTEIN 12/05/2014, 3:14pm PST
        I think it's great news by Roop 12/05/2014, 3:33pm PST
            Good for you by #ItsAboutEthicsinGamingJournalism 12/05/2014, 4:21pm PST
                Re: Good for you by Roop 12/05/2014, 4:46pm PST
                    Re: Good for you by #ItsAboutEthicsinGamingJournalism 12/05/2014, 4:58pm PST
                Man this shtick sure got lazy all of the sudden... NT by The Happiness Engine 12/05/2014, 5:29pm PST
        I'm glad this faggot's here. by Souffle of Pain 12/05/2014, 6:18pm PST
            Re: I'm glad this faggot's here. by Chillum 12/05/2014, 7:00pm PST
                I'm assuming a Cable brother NT by Entropy Stew 12/05/2014, 8:20pm PST
            This isn't censorship you dumb fuck by #ItsAboutEthicsinGamingJournalism 12/05/2014, 9:39pm PST
                Re: This isn't censorship you dumb fuck by Souffle of Pain 12/05/2014, 10:32pm PST
                It is, but you won't be back. Won't be back at all. NT by C-Dog 12/08/2014, 9:47am PST
    Yes yes GG are paragons of freespeech heroism and SJWs are totalitarian authorit by arian karl marxian blah blah blah 12/05/2014, 5:16pm PST
        Well, that's okay because we're all hypocrites whose values fluctuate constantly NT by Worm 12/05/2014, 5:21pm PST
        It's not to change editorial content, they wanted ethic policies by Roop 12/05/2014, 6:04pm PST
        That's fine. I like games, not games journalism by Mysterio 12/05/2014, 6:40pm PST
        Every time you and the other guy make a sarcastic, hyperbolic comment, it ends by up coming true -fabio 12/05/2014, 7:00pm PST
            So it's true that GG is a paragon of freespeech despite you admitting they advoc by ate book burning? -Arbit 12/06/2014, 11:02am PST
                ^^ figuratively, of course by Arbit 12/06/2014, 11:06am PST
                Did he even mention GG? Or is he GG himself by virtue of disagreeing with you? by Worm 12/06/2014, 11:26am PST
                Always trust the viewpoint that reduces everything to binary extremes by fabio 12/06/2014, 5:18pm PST
                    Re: Always trust the viewpoint that reduces everything to binary extremes by #ItsAboutEthicsinGamingJournalism 12/06/2014, 11:29pm PST
                        I take out a mortgage to bet that fabio has more sex than you NT by Chinese Skeleton 12/07/2014, 7:18am PST
                        Reminder: capital letters, please. NT by You are not the new punk rock, tumb 12/07/2014, 8:41am PST
    Totally not censorship you guys by Jonathan McIntosh 12/06/2014, 7:13am PST
        Well you could still buy it direct, I guess? by Worm 12/06/2014, 7:38am PST
            If anything, GTA 5 is full of some clearly liberal messages by Eurotrash 12/06/2014, 9:02am PST

It's OK. Nothing special at this point. Two hours in. NT by Captain Meh and the Meharines. 09/18/2013, 9:51am PDT
    2 hours into Saints Row IV you're running up the sides of buildings NT by WITTGENSTEIN 09/18/2013, 10:16am PDT
        The Flash running minigame is my favorite out of of any sandbox by Entropy Stew 09/18/2013, 11:18am PDT
    Maybe they're doing the Donnie Brasco angle. by Mischief Maker 09/18/2013, 11:15am PDT
    But does the social commentary get a 10.0?????????????????????? by Rafiki 09/18/2013, 11:26am PDT
        Re: But does the social commentary get a 10.0?????????????????????? by Captain Meh and the Meharines. 09/18/2013, 12:39pm PDT
        The white laptop has a BOWL OF FRUIT logo! lol NT by Jonathan Swift 09/18/2013, 2:52pm PDT
        Headline: GTA 5 proves that games are art NT by TIME Magazine 09/20/2013, 10:32pm PDT
    How do you rate the other GTAs? NT by I'll take my answer off the air thx 09/18/2013, 6:44pm PDT
        1:2, 2:4, 3:2, VC: 1.5, SA: 0.5, 4:4 NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/18/2013, 7:09pm PDT
            You really consider San Andreas the worst GTA? NT by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 09/18/2013, 10:45pm PDT
                Lost me early - if it picks up after two hours, I didn't see it by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/18/2013, 11:12pm PDT
                    It builds very slowly, at least the way I played it. Lots of local hood gang war by Eurotrash 09/19/2013, 8:10am PDT
                        Have you played Crackdown or SR4? by Entropy Stew 09/19/2013, 10:03am PDT
                            The EDGY in Prototype was half the fun! Come on man, embrace it. NT by Worm 09/19/2013, 12:19pm PDT
                                I liked the game, but it was definitely capital-E Edgy NT by Entropy Stew 09/19/2013, 12:43pm PDT
                                    Re: I liked the game, but it was definitely capital-E Edgy by bombMexico 10/16/2013, 11:10pm PDT
                            No, but I know I should. Currently stuck in the horrid time sink that is Borderl by Eurotrash 09/19/2013, 12:51pm PDT
    realism by fabio 09/19/2013, 2:32pm PDT
    Once they introduce the trading perspective gimmick it's more interesting. by Worm 09/20/2013, 2:42am PDT
        It has the mission skip stuff from L.A. Noire and thank God because FUCK FLYING NT by Worm 09/20/2013, 9:11pm PDT
    It needs more shit to do between missions. by Last 10/03/2013, 8:58am PDT

Grand Theft Auto 5 hasn't sold a lot of copies... by Commander Tansin A. Darcos 09/21/2013, 7:33am PDT
    Its ok I guess by col.schickn 10/02/2013, 11:04pm PDT

Is Gamestop selling this to people? Or just pre-orders? Fucking assholes NT by Souffle of Pain 09/17/2013, 2:56pm PDT
    if you have a ps3 you can just download it from psn NT by jeep 09/17/2013, 7:53pm PDT

GTA5's delightful counterpoint to GTA4's shitty Republican Space Rangers. by jowao 09/11/2013, 10:33pm PDT

So this is coming out. NT by PC Game Develoepr 09/09/2013, 9:23pm PDT
    When Saints Row 3 gave me unlimited rocket launchers in the first hour by fabio 09/10/2013, 1:01am PDT
    I'm damn excited. by Last 09/10/2013, 8:57am PDT
        Very well, I shall check it out NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/10/2013, 3:55pm PDT
            Shit. I guess I do have to get it. They put Kate Upton in it. by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/10/2013, 8:48pm PDT

New GTAV trailer made me laugh, get giddy and excited as a little girl by little turkey sandwich girl 11/14/2012, 1:25pm PST
    GTA and the Last Crusade by Run, gun, and male bonding 11/14/2012, 2:12pm PST
        meh, meh meh meh, MEH, meh, meh NT by MEEEEEEEH 11/14/2012, 2:23pm PST
        We're gonna run off everyone who says meh by Caltrops: A United Front 11/17/2012, 9:48am PST
    I'm especially fond of the little banner on the roman numeral for the console ta by fucking newbie 11/17/2012, 12:59am PST
        Oh get over it NT by Rome doesn't even exist anymore 11/17/2012, 9:40am PST
            Yeah, and fuck all that being an adult shit, give me unrefined pleasure or NT by give me viagra 11/17/2012, 9:50am PST
        There's a reason there weren't any great Roman mathematicians. NT by Mischievous Maximus 11/17/2012, 10:18am PST

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