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Here by Thanks, Jason 01/24/2021, 2:11am PST
"One developer told me of the time he hired an infamously-negative-scoring reviewer to write a mock review for his studio's gameā€”not because the developer wanted feedback, but because they wanted to make sure this reviewer would have to disclose[sic] himself from writing a review and impacting the Metascore accordingly."

Any ideas who the infamously-negative-scoring reviewer is? The list of suspects isn't long. Here's a hint: Jason links to his 2013 Kotaku article that mentioned Tom as an aberrantly low scorer and lead to that self righteous post about him being the Pauline Kael of gaming(a woman who did not assign scores to movies, but whatever).

At least Tom discloses that he does mock reviews. Way at the bottom of his Patreon page:

"Of course, I have recused myself from an official public review for those titles. ... You now know the sum total of all my potential conflicts of interest. I will update this section if it develops."

Those aren't "potential" conflicts of interest, those ARE conflicts of interest. Whatever issues Schreier has, Tom doesn't have a leg to stand on. Giving Metacritic scores to companies you've taken money from is bullshit. Try and find any non-video game outlet that would admit they'd let an employee do that. His claim that he doesn't write mock reviews anymore is horseshit too, he did one for Anthem a couple years ago.

And does he disclose his "potential" conflicts in any of his reviews, or anywhere on his stupid blog? Nope. That's why you had to have it pointed it out here.

So for example, he wrote a mock review of FF15. Gee, I'm sure the Japanese dev team really needed the badly translated feedback of a geezer who writes crank reviews most gamers laugh off. What a complete waste of money. Or was it?

He then goes on to review a Tomb Raider game from the same publisher two years later, giving it one star. Any mention of the fact that he's taken money from Square Enix, and that tarnishing the Metacritc average reminds Squenix what happens when they don't pay him? Nope.
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                                    Here by Thanks, Jason 01/24/2021, 2:11am PST
                                        Re: Here by Cantbot 01/24/2021, 2:23am PST
                                            He needs scores to elevate gaming discourse with his brilliant contrarian takes? NT by Thanks, Jason 01/24/2021, 2:31am PST
                                        Re: Here by Ichabod 01/24/2021, 10:31am PST
                                            Re: Here by Thanks, Jason 01/24/2021, 11:50am PST
                                                What you say makes sense. NT by Ichabod 01/24/2021, 2:50pm PST
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