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Re: Here by Ichabod 01/24/2021, 10:31am PST
Thanks, Jason wrote:

Those aren't "potential" conflicts of interest, those ARE conflicts of interest.

They would be..... yes....

Whatever issues Schreier has, Tom doesn't have a leg to stand on. Giving Metacritic scores to companies you've taken money from is bullshit.

He specifically says he does not do that. You're dinging him for something he doesn't do.

Unless I am wrong and Tom Chick does do mock reviews and then regular reviews. If that's the case I am wrong. I am not attacking you.

He then goes on to review a Tomb Raider game from the same publisher two years later, giving it one star. Any mention of the fact that he's taken money from Square Enix, and that tarnishing the Metacritc average reminds Squenix what happens when they don't pay him? Nope.

You think it's bad that a guy that was dying of cancer that probably had to pay out of pocket for his health insurance and was in debt up to his eyeballs took money for a mock review and then didn't stop writing reviews for games released by that publisher for the rest of his life? Do you think he should permanently stop reviewing Square Enix games because they gave him money once for a different game? Is there a certain percentage of employees that need to remain at Square Enix for you to be satisfied that they are "off limits" to Tom Chick? What if they got sold a few times like Atari? Have you thought this through or do you juts hate Tom Chick?
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                                        Re: Here by Cantbot 01/24/2021, 2:23am PST
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                                        Re: Here by Ichabod 01/24/2021, 10:31am PST
                                            Re: Here by Thanks, Jason 01/24/2021, 11:50am PST
                                                What you say makes sense. NT by Ichabod 01/24/2021, 2:50pm PST
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