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Back to playing Warhammer Online, fuckers! by fuck Bright Wizards 02/18/2020, 10:25pm PST
    PhotoADKing by Mysterio 08/17/2020, 4:34am PDT
        I can't tell the jokes from the SEO spam any more. NT by Mysterio 08/17/2020, 1:47pm PDT
        We get thousands of impressions a day. by Mr. 3000 08/17/2020, 2:08pm PDT
        Gaming Glasses by Mark Smith 09/23/2020, 5:46am PDT
            syghtglass employs pedophiles NT by Dick Clownshoes 09/23/2020, 12:42pm PDT
                shitmods posting libel NT by black lives matter 09/23/2020, 3:27pm PDT
                So does Caltrops NT by Mysterio 09/24/2020, 9:11am PDT
                    I think paying the pedophiles but not the rest of us is grossly unfair NT by laudablepuss 09/24/2020, 2:56pm PDT
                        Pedos got bills NT by Vested Id 09/24/2020, 3:02pm PDT

Mordheim coming to PC from the Bloodbowl guys by fabio 11/20/2014, 11:33pm PST
    They ARE making a Battlefleet Gothic... by fabio 02/02/2015, 2:05pm PST
        They said it would have persistent units by WITTGENSTEIN 02/02/2015, 2:06pm PST
            I wish they'd just make it a straight up port by fabio 02/02/2015, 2:09pm PST
    Anyone played this? NT by Mysterio 08/01/2019, 8:10pm PDT
        it sucks NT by refunded 02/18/2020, 10:08pm PST

Battlefleet Gothic beta by fabio 03/11/2016, 2:36pm PST
    Do I have to care about Warhammer to enjoy this? by pinback 03/12/2016, 5:47am PST
        Please answer my question. Thank you. I'll hang up and listen off the air. NT by pinback 03/14/2016, 1:06pm PDT
            Yes, you'll probably enjoy it less than if you were already a fan of 40K NT by Sly Marbo 03/15/2016, 1:55pm PDT
    I got bored of it after 2 hours because of the skirmish grind & boring shit by Rey Mysterio Jr. 03/19/2016, 1:40pm PDT
        Yeah the grind is terrible by fabio 03/19/2016, 6:07pm PDT
    Ok I regret preordering this by fabio 03/21/2016, 12:35pm PDT
        Hey, if you could give it away I'd take it NT by Welcome to Omsk 03/21/2016, 10:35pm PDT
    Doesn't look like they're going to meet their release date by Rey Mysterio Jr. 03/29/2016, 5:35pm PDT
        Not even that could get me interested in playing again by fabio 03/29/2016, 11:08pm PDT
        They just announced a 2nd pre order bonus race by fabio 04/11/2016, 3:34pm PDT
    Eldar added by fabio 04/14/2016, 8:22pm PDT
    Still sucks by fabio 05/14/2016, 1:24pm PDT
        Orbital Bombardment missions are the worst by Rey Mysterio Jr. 05/15/2016, 7:26am PDT
    Surprise good Battlefleet Gothic game! by fabio 01/05/2017, 3:36am PST

Dawn of War 3 announced. by Sly Marbo 05/03/2016, 12:29pm PDT

They just released a new Last Stand hero for DoW2: Necron Lord by fabio 03/19/2016, 11:26pm PDT
    This game is still updated? Do they even own the licensing rights anymore? NT by Rey Mysterio Jr. 03/21/2016, 8:37am PDT
    aaaaand he eventually becomes the most overpowered by fabio 04/01/2016, 4:54am PDT

New patch by FABIO 11/08/2004, 2:15pm PST
    Re: New patch by J&T 11/08/2004, 3:40pm PST
        Re: New patch by laudablepuss 11/08/2004, 4:08pm PST
            Re: New patch by FABIO 11/08/2004, 6:31pm PST
                Re: New patch by J&T 11/08/2004, 9:39pm PST
                    more problems by FABIO 11/13/2004, 1:08am PST
                        Re: more problems by J&T 11/13/2004, 9:22pm PST
    Newer patch! by laudablepuss 01/03/2005, 1:01pm PST
        caps lock NT by gnpaaron 01/03/2005, 4:18pm PST
        other wonderful fixes by FABIO 01/03/2005, 4:40pm PST
        Newerer patch. by laudablepuss 10/10/2005, 1:57pm PDT
            this is the only RTS I've ever played that actually gets worse with every patch by FABIO 10/10/2005, 3:03pm PDT
                Im on the final mission in Winter Assault NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 10/10/2005, 8:29pm PDT
                    =) NT by FABIO 10/11/2005, 1:30am PDT
                    Just bought this today. by laudablepuss 10/11/2005, 4:19pm PDT
                        I'm guessing this took place at EB? by FABIO 10/11/2005, 6:28pm PDT
                            Re: I'm guessing this took place at EB? by laudablepuss 10/11/2005, 6:35pm PDT
                            Re: I'm guessing this took place at EB? by Kabuke 10/11/2005, 7:11pm PDT
                                P.S. There is no more EB by Kabuke 10/11/2005, 7:14pm PDT
                                Re: I'm guessing this took place at EB? by I need clarification 10/11/2005, 8:58pm PDT
                                    Re: I'm guessing this took place at EB? by FABIO 10/12/2005, 12:23am PDT
                                        Re: I'm guessing this took place at EB? by corax 10/12/2005, 3:44am PDT
                                        Best Buy and phone numbers by Fullofkittens 10/12/2005, 7:14am PDT
                                            Re: Best Buy and phone numbers by FABIO 10/12/2005, 7:56am PDT
                                            Re: Best Buy and phone numbers by TAFKAM 10/13/2005, 7:24am PDT
                                                Re: Best Buy and phone numbers by Entropy Stew 10/13/2005, 3:50pm PDT
                                            Re: Best Buy and phone numbers by jeep 10/22/2005, 2:03pm PDT
                                    Non-EB Retail adventure involving Racial Injustice! by Motherhead 10/12/2005, 2:40am PDT
                                        THEY ARE RACISTING MINORITIES RIGHT OUT OF THE WORKFORCE NT by Creexul :( 10/12/2005, 6:25am PDT
                                        You forgot the GRR LATINO RAAAGE staredown NT by Entropy Stew 10/12/2005, 8:34am PDT
                                        Re: Non-EB Retail adventure involving Racial Injustice! by TAFKAM 10/13/2005, 7:29am PDT
                                            Previous title was 'and then there's newegg...' by TAFKAM 10/13/2005, 7:30am PDT
                                                Love newegg, use it all the time. NT by laudablepuss 10/13/2005, 12:27pm PDT
                                                The problem with newegg by Entropy Stew 10/13/2005, 3:44pm PDT
                                                    This is no longer true, btw. NT by Zseni 08/12/2007, 7:43pm PDT
                                                        Re: This is no longer true, btw. by Jerry Whorebach 08/12/2007, 9:42pm PDT
                                                            You just try to hug his neck? I dunno, sounds DUMB NT by Grumah 08/13/2007, 7:14am PDT
                                        The frontpage news box should also link to this post as well. NT by Creexul :( 10/13/2005, 12:24pm PDT
                                    So on top of this they're gonna start selling Gamestop's in-house mag too? NT by Kabuke 10/12/2005, 3:25am PDT
                                        I think anything with a higher profit margin than ga(y)mes. by I need clarification 10/12/2005, 10:17am PDT
                                            They still undercut with used. by Kabuke 10/12/2005, 12:05pm PDT
                                                That, and Valve. NT by casual observer 10/12/2005, 3:51pm PDT
                                                Re: They still undercut with used. by jeep 10/22/2005, 2:15pm PDT
                                                    Re: They still undercut with used. by FABIO 10/22/2005, 9:46pm PDT
                                                    I'd say this day has arrived, jeep. by Mr. 3000 and his blob 09/02/2015, 8:32pm PDT
                                Re: I'm guessing this took place at EB? by Mr Gutsy 06/26/2009, 12:21pm PDT
                                    Yes, I was always wierdly insulted when people supposed that Kabuke was me. NT by Zsenitan 06/26/2009, 3:22pm PDT
                        You just can't get stupider than THQ. by laudablepuss 10/13/2005, 7:28pm PDT
                            Gettin out me stabby bits NT by Weyoun Voidbringer 10/13/2005, 11:42pm PDT
                            Damn you, pointy! by laudablepuss 10/13/2005, 11:44pm PDT
                                Hmm, I guess I shoulda made a new thread. :( NT by laudablepuss 10/13/2005, 11:55pm PDT

WH based Left 4 Dead clone by fabio 02/05/2015, 1:04pm PST

1d4chan explains what I hated about DOW2's multiplayer. Relic can go to Hell by WITTGENSTEIN 02/02/2015, 1:22pm PST
    Only 1v1 devolved into whack a mole by fabio 02/02/2015, 3:04pm PST

Space Hulk releases today. Who's on this one? NT by Cuz I'm on your mom. 08/14/2013, 8:54pm PDT
    Oh yeah, I guess I should get it NT by Eurotrash 08/14/2013, 10:17pm PDT
    It sucks! NT by RPS 08/16/2013, 10:01am PDT
        Well that sounds fucking awful! Installing now NT by Eurotrash 08/16/2013, 10:30am PDT
            Well it's clunky alright, and buggy by Eurotrash 08/16/2013, 11:04am PDT
                Played a bit more, it's alright. Now the sound fx are disappearing too though by Eurotrash 08/16/2013, 1:55pm PDT
                    "Postmortem" interview where Robert Florence beats up the dev lead in the gym by motherfuckerfoodeater 08/16/2013, 2:04pm PDT
                        Link? Copy/paste? Context? NT by HAAALPLPPL 08/16/2013, 4:05pm PDT
                            Re: Link? Copy/paste? Context? by motherfuckerfoodeater 08/16/2013, 7:57pm PDT
                                I also experienced finishing one campaign mission, clicked next, and the game by Eurotrash 08/18/2013, 1:34pm PDT
                                    Been playing some more. It's alright! There's also been some bug fixes I think by Eurotrash 02/18/2014, 8:41pm PST

Panzar by fabio 12/03/2013, 2:23pm PST

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