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Let’s Not Not Play: Shadow Warrior Reboot

I remember playing Shadow Warrior when it was a new release – the Build engine really was incredible. There’s a few sites that talk about what sort of games made them the waste of space gamer they are today. Man, the Build engine really had an effect on me. Okay, we all laughed at TekWar, […]

The Boo Hoo Generation

I don’t know if you know this, but somebody blew Boston off the map last week. Well, that’s how it sounds according to the news and social media. Watching events unfold on twitter that night I noticed “Sandy Hook” was trending. I always like to see how people try to tie one tragedy in with […]

TDARCOS presents…. Slop.

Welcome to the new cooking video from TDARCOS! This new cooking video is a homemade, delicious recipe that TDARCOS calls, “Slop.” Would you like to join the conversation? Join the conversation! Right here in the comments. A hearty, sincere thank-you to TDARCOS for this amazing original content. Ice Cream Jonsey

Ready Player One (Book)

Okay so the rich guy was nuts about the 1980s even though this story takes place in the future (2050 perhaps). As a result, the whole world goes nuts over 1980s pop culture, studying every damn thing from the 80s in case it gives them some insight into the treasure hunt. They’re watching every single […]

Analysis: Those Korean LCD Monitors

So I guess the internet has been going apeshit since January or so over these 27″ Korean LCD monitors with a native resolution of 2560×1440 and some state of the art LG panel that are selling for $300-400. Since I was in the market to replace a shitty 14″ LCD monitor from like 10 years […]


Browsing Kickstarter is addicting. It’s amazing that Kickstarter rejects 40% of the requests they get. Kicktraq is nice because you can see where a project will likely end up and lately a lot of kickstarters have had been pushing their luck with the stretch goals, so it’s good to know how likely they are to […]

Review/Commentary: Best Worst Movie

Best Worst Movie is a documentary about the resurgent popularity of the “Worst Movie of All Time,” Troll 2. I had not seen Troll 2 before seeing Best Worst Movie, and you don’t have to see it either. After viewing BWM, I watched T2, and then I went back and watched BWM again. The experience […]

Five Documentaries About Exploitation and Horror

American Scary I came by my love of horror movies via a Saturday afternoon block called Thriller Double Feature that played on a local UHF station. We’d spend every Saturday when I was a kid lazily watching the TV as it played and replayed TV-safe versions of what would later be known as classic cult […]

Script Help: Mortal Kombat: Rebirth

Editor’s note: Did you know there’s going to be an extra-gritty, realistic take on a new Mortal Kombat movie? It’s by the guy who did some version of GLEE. The author of this post was too lazy to in-line the fake trailer, and so am I, but you can see it here. When that gets […]

Three Upcoming Geek Films: Jason Scott Three-Pack

Hey there, I’m famous. To put it in terms more palatable to the audience of this site, I’m as famous as Erik Wolpaw was when he wrote that he was as famous as John Stamos. And, to clarify, I’m as famous as Erik was then, not now, after he made two of the greatest things […]