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Roar (Movie, 1981)

A friend of mine recommended I watch “Roar”. It’s a 1981 film about a guy who opens up a wild animal (mostly lions) rescue and lives with the animals. They guy who wrote and directed the movie also starred in it. Essentially the actors simply moved into a house filled with dozens of wild (not […]

Turbo Kid (Movie)

I have become… unhealthily obsessed with this movie ever since it came out on Netflix Instant. Many many movies both mainstream and indie have come out in recent years seeking to capitalize on my childhood. From Transformers, to Moonbeam City, to Kung Fury. But while they may have captured the fashions or the little details, […]

Review: Fury (Movie) 2014

Shia LaBeouf plays an evangelist. Good god, this is some of the worst writing in an Oscar-bait flick. It almost felt like something Donald Kaufman threw together while flipping through his colored sticky note bookmarks in Story. The opening scene is Brad Pitt having a save the cat moment when, after brutally murdering a German, […]

Feeding Frenzy (Movie)

If you’re purchasing a copy of Feeding Frenzy (2010, Red Letter Media) you’re doing so to support one of the funniest people on the Internet, not because you’re getting a great film. I am going to assume that co-director Mike Stoklasa wouldn’t want anyone to soften their impression of his movie, unless he’s just a […]